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Some People Think All Insurance Brokerage Firms are the Same... We're Not

We are in the Business to Provide Protection for our Commercial and Personal Clients.

At Landmark Group we provide our clients with a level of service and professional know-how that goes beyond what a traditional insurance agency offers.

Our loyalty is to our clients. This means we become part of the client management team, using our in-depth knowledge to assist in comprehensive planning for total risk management.

We work with our clients throughout the year, answering questions of immediate concern, as well as providing guidance for longer range planning. Landmark Group brings a broad range of combined experience to each client we work with. The principals of the firm and the well-trained administrative staff work together as an account team on behalf of every client. Our cumulative experience is brought together to provide innovative solutions and comprehensive services.

Landmark Group takes a no nonsense approach. We give our clients the facts and the options available... bottom line. We know this makes decision-making more efficient, saving time and money.

Making decisions in crisis can be costly and have long-term negative impact on your business. We serve you best when we get to know you in advance, before a crisis hits.

Let's get to know each other better by taking the next step. Our team of professionals will meet with your team, assess all areas of liability exposure, and give you our expert opinion on the current state of your risk management plan.